Melendy, H. Brett

About the author: H. Brett Melendy, historian and author, received degrees in English, Education and History from Stanford University. He is Professor Emeritus of History at San Jose State University and the University of Hawaii. He has written articles and books dealing with California and Hawaiian politics, and Asian immigration to the United States. His most recent book was Walter Francis Dillingham, Hawaiian Entrepreneur and Statesman, 1865-1963 (Mellen, 1996).

Federal Government’s Search for Communists in the Territory of Hawaii
2002 0-7734-7192-8
This volume describes the situation in the Territory of Hawaii in its post WWII years. It is an accounting of the roles of the Department of Justice, Congress, and Hawaii’s Big Five sugar companies in claiming that Communists were seeking control of the Hawaiian islands, in response to the post-war growth of the International Longshoremen’s and Warehousemen Unions. Melendy is the first historian to use Department of Justice and FBI documents as well as to research papers of various Congressmen. These sources throw new light on the search for Communists in the Territory.

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Hawaii, America’s Sugar Territory 1898-1959
1999 0-7734-7998-8
This study is a definitive text on Hawaii's territorial period, relying primarily on archival materials. It stresses the Territory's importance to West Coast defense and the islands' unique sugar and pineapple economy dependence upon support by the federal government. It also examines how local problems such as land ownership and racial diversity, often created bitter dissension.

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Walter Francis Dillingham, 1875-1963. Hawaiian Entrepreneur and Statesman
1996 0-7734-8793-X
This biography describes the career of a key figure during the years of the Territory of Hawaii, adding significantly to the incomplete history of Hawaii in the first half of the 20th century. Dillingham's accomplishments had a profound effect upon the development and growth of the territory. He and his Hawaiian Dredging Company changed greatly the shoreline of Honolulu, and helped shape the character of the city. Dillingham played a key role in the creation of Pearl Harbor as the Navy's major mid-Pacific naval base. His company was in integral factor in building naval airbases throughout the Pacific prior to and during WWII. He inherited the presidency of the Oahu Railway and Land Company from his father, and the railroad remained central to the island's transportation system for 30 years, furthering the expansion of sugar and pineapple plantations on Oahu. Given their major position in island society, he was able to entertain key national figures, helping influence mainland decisions affecting the future of the islands. Both Honolulu and Washington political leaders listened to him regarding important policy matters. In his later years, he stood against communism, the growing influence of labor unions in the islands, and opposed the idea of statehood. This biography depicts in particular his leading role in island and national affairs over a span of forty years.

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