Hasmonean Revolt Rebellion or Revolution

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Presents a synthesis of theories from numerous disciplines _ history, economics, sociology, and religion _ regarding the Hasmonean Revolt, the liberation movement that allowed for the rebirth of a Jewish state in Judea after four centuries of foreign domination. Postulates that the seeds of revolution appear to have been planted as a result of factors that began to develop as early as the first half of the third and second centuries B.C. Appendices include the Zenon Papyri, maps, and dynastic lists.


"Despite its great store of data, [Hasmonean Revolt] reads easily." _ The Bible Today

"L'Edwin Mellen Press vient d'ajouter un nouveau livre la très longue liste des travaux sur la période héllenistique en Palestine, et plus concrétement sur les origines de la révolte hasmonéenne. Dans cinq courts chapitres D. traite: L'arrière-fond de la révolte, les conditions sociales et politiques, les faits qui menèrent la revolte et la persécution d'Antiochos IV; un chapitre final, en guise de conclusion, pose la question de savoir si la révolte hasmonéenne fût une rébellion ou une révolution . . . ." _ Journal for the Study of Judaism

"Chapter 6, the main contribution in Derfler's short study, offers a theoretical answer to the important and stimulating question whether the Hasmonean revolt was just a rebellion or rather a conprehensive revolution. The positive answer to the second possibility deserves further scholarly attention in future studies." -- The Jewish Quarterly Review

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