Derfler, Steven L.

Hasmonean Revolt Rebellion or Revolution
1990 0-88946-258-5
Presents a synthesis of theories from numerous disciplines _ history, economics, sociology, and religion _ regarding the Hasmonean Revolt, the liberation movement that allowed for the rebirth of a Jewish state in Judea after four centuries of foreign domination. Postulates that the seeds of revolution appear to have been planted as a result of factors that began to develop as early as the first half of the third and second centuries B.C. Appendices include the Zenon Papyri, maps, and dynastic lists.

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Hellenistic Temple at Tel Beersheva
1993 0-7734-9301-8
As we learn more about cultic tradition of ancient Israel, and the carryovers into the Hellenistic world, the site of Beersheva grows in importance. Long a site of cultic significance, the excavations revealed the only full-sized Israelite horned altar of the 10th-8th centuries BCE, and the probable location of only the second confirmed temple complex (archaeologically) of ancient Israel's monarchy. Between 1973-1975, a temple complex was cleared dating to the late Hellenistic/Hasmonean era of the 3rd-2nd centuries BCE. Starting life as a pagan place of worship, it was later converted and cleansed during the reign of John Hyrcanus I. This archaeological evidence helps us to understand the development of Jewish syncretic religion in the face of Hellenism, and to clarify and confirm the accounts of John Hyrcanus I.

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