Gender and Age Discrimination Among Women in the Broadcast News Industry

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This study explores the age and gender discrimination faced by female newscasters and the legal remedies they can employ to rectify illegal termination. The study also evaluates other non-industry cases of unlawful employment practices concerning grooming, dress codes and appearance standards.


“After presenting information about the court decisions, the government agencies’ actions and case studies, the author poses some questions to ponder and suggests further study related to the topic.” - Professor Robert Spellman, Associate Professor, Southern Illinois University

“Dr. Sherlynn Byrd has done an excellent job tracing the history of women in the broadcast industry, citing various examples of discrimination. . . This book is a welcome addition to several research areas, including broadcasting, women’s studies and media law and ethics."- Dr. Gene Murray, Professor of Mass Communication, Grambling State University

“The book does a thorough job of explaining government regulations in the broadcast industry and brings to the forefront a lot of issues about media law and ethics.” -Don Hudson, Managing Editor, The Clarion Ledger Jackson, MS

Table of Contents

Foreword by Professor Robert Spellman
1 Introduction
2 Background and the Review of Literature
3 Methodology
4 The Federal Communication Commission’s EEO Challenges
5 The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
6 Workplace Gender Discrimination and United States Court Decisions
7 Legal Analysis
8 Discussion. Limitations, and Conclusion

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