Function of Exodus motifs in Biblical narratives. Theological didactic drama

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Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface; Foreword; Introduction
1. The Function of the Plagues as Theological Didactic Drama (“Narrative Art” Approach; The “Hardening” References; Key Words with Multiple Functions)
2. The Golden Calf (First 5 Problems of Israel; Fourfold Evidence Requirement Response; Tabernacle of YHWH; Golden Calf)
3. Balaam (Setting & Structure of Balaam Stories; Balaam and Baal-Peor)
4. The Concept of a “Second Moses” (Joshua, Gideon, Samuel)
5. Was King David a “Second Moses”? (Familiar Form, Unusual Meaning; Key Phrase in the Story; Secondary Key Words; Second Moses?)
6. Elijah, the Ultimate “Second Moses” (Calves of Jeroboam; Contest on Mount Carmel; Elijah as Second Moses)
Conclusion; Bibliography, Modern Authors Cited; Biblical Passages Cited

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