Food Studies: An Annual Journal about Food Production, Food Distribution, Food Consumption and Health 2021-2022

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This volume is the first in a series exploring food, society, and ethics in the 21st century. The yearbook provides selected reviews of influential books in the field. They include perspectives from scholars in anthropology, ecology, food studies, history, nutrition, philosophy, religious studies, and sociology. The review of books also examines writings of selected journalists whose food-related investigations feature leading figures in the contemporary discussion of food and its impact on individuals and society.


"Regardless of discipline, many express concerns about the effect of food production on humans, animals, plants, and the ecosystem. In a world where approximately two billion more people will need to be fed by mid-century, governmental leaders ask whether agriculture will be able to keep up with demand. Social justice advocates join them in demanding action to address global hunger. The growth in meat consumption leads to the killing of billions of animals every year. An animal rights movement challenges the morality of this practice and the factory farming system that undergirds it. Global warming threatens crop productivity and contributes to the loss of plant diversity. The ecosystem continues to experience threat not only from rising temperatures but also from the chemicals used to grow crops and the pollution associated with the raising of livestock. More voices call for a healthful and sustainable alternative to the dominant model of food production."
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Table of Contents




Chapter 1: Winson, The Industrial Diet

Chapter 2: Bacon and Aphramor, Body Respect

Chapter 3: Fresco, Hamburgers in Paradise

Chapter 4: Dunn, Never Out of Season

Chapter 5: Mason and Lang, Sustainable Diets

Chapter 6: Crane, Eating Ethically

Chapter 7: Sole-Smith, The Eating Instinct

Chapter 8: Nestle, Unsavory Truth

Chapter 9: Walvin, Sugar – The World Corrupted

Chapter 10: Wilson, The Way We Eat Now

Chapter 11: Little, The Fate of Food


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