Scientific Fallacy and Political Misuse of the Concept of Race

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The scientific validity of race has always been assumed. In the Historical aftermath of the Atlantic slave trade race is in fact a complex and divisive fallacy profoundly woven into the fabric of American society. Subject to political directives, scholars have subsequently made assumptions about people based upon their racial heritage to realize political aspirations. Thus, the fallacy of race has been fundamental to political exploitation and racism in the 21st century. This book exposes this function of race as little more than a political tool to insure power and wealth remain the bastions of post-colonial power structures.


“The history of race in America has been argued and analyzed from many different perspectives. Depending on the analysis or school of thought to which one is aligned, the opinions and perspectives of race and racism always vary. [This work] offers critical insight into the issues by employing a multi-disciplined approach to historical and contemporary implications. It is a must read for psychologists, social workers, and any one interested in understanding racial issues that have perplexed many for years. [It} is a solid resource and reference book for policy makers, social scientists, human service practitioners, educators, and students of this enigmatic issue. This document may be one of the most significant attempts in recent history to honestly, critically, and diligently address issues usually riddled with bias, over-simplification, and inadequacy.” - Dr. Jonathan Livingston, Michigan State University

"Professor Hall's book offers a unique approach to the analysis of race and racial matters in America. It is sure to facilitate thought provoking discussions among scholars in every human services related profession. Dr. Hall continues to focus on the most critical elements of race and how it is perceived in America. It will undoubtedly leave an indelible impression on its readers. The Scientific Fallacy and Political Misuse of the Concept of Race, is a must read for anyone challenging the power structures of today's America and striving for social justice." Dr. Rita Walters, MSW

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. The Atlantic Slave Trade
3. Race
4. Quadroons, Octoroons, and Mulattoes
5. Fear/Inferiority: Racist Images of African-American Men
6. Affirmative Action: The Racial Divide
7. The Politics of Race
8. Racism in the 21st Century
9. From Race to Reason

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