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"History, memory, and a small boy's discovery of birds and flying. These are some of the materials of Ed Meek's art. He stops our breath with the images, works them into our days, and brings tears -- not so much of sadness as of recognition. His lost friends are ours, for a moment anyway. This is the primary connection between poet and reader, and what a fine, fine poet Ed Meek is." - Bill Littlefield, National Public Radio

"These Poems impress me a lot. One senses a new voice coming into its own. It is a book of great breadth and honesty. I strongly recommend it." - James Wm. Chichetto, Co-editor, The Connecticut Poetry Review

"His images are crisp and surprising: in "Ears" for example he begins by making fun of these `wiggling' parts of the anatomy, but slowly draws us into a deeper and more frightening reality. The poem concludes with a wonderful comparison between ears and eyes, and their significance to both painting and verse." - David Fedo, author of William Carlos Williams: A Poet in The American Theater

"Solid, spare, and honest, these poems have the ring of authenticity. They rise from raw experience, through craft and art. They are felt. They are real. I hear them." - Joseph Langland

"Meek's poetry is accessible, yet it concentrates the reader's attention into moments of insight and inspiration. . . . One aspect of Meek's craft is his ability to focus on one detail and pull it through the reader's eye of meaning. . . . "

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