Figure of Louis XIII in Modern French Literature: From The Three Musketeers To The Fortune De France

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Examines the often negative portrayals of Louis XIII, positing that they originate from particular writers’ displeasure toward the monarchs of their own day. This book contains nine color photographs.


“[The authors] have done a remarkable job in juxtaposing and documenting these opposing literary views of Louis XIII in such a way that both the literary scholar and the casual reader . . . can participate fully in this voyage of discovery.” – Prof. Celita Lamar, University of Miami

“The present study is a welcome addition to both the realm of literature as well as to history and should be included in the collections of every university library.” - Prof. Lisa Blair, Shaw University

“. . . a thorough and though provoking study of a controversial historical figure.” - Prof. Debra L. Anderson, East Carolina University

Table of Contents

1. The Historical Novel
2. A Brief Biography of Louis XIII
3. Nineteenth-Century Visions of Louis XIII: Vigny and Cinq-Mars
4. Louis XIII and Hugo’s Marion de Lorme
5. Louis XIII and Dumas’ Les Trois Mousquetaires
6. Robert Merle and La Fortune de France
7. La Volte des vertugadins, L’Enfant-Roi, and Pierre-Emmanuel de Siorac
8. Louis XIII in Les Roses de la Vie
9. Louis XIII Joins Richelieu: Le Lys et le pourpre
10. Louis, Armand and La Rochelle: La Gloire et les perils
11. War on the Homefront: Complots et cabales
12. Le glaive et les amours: Exit the King
Louis XIII Then and Now

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