Six Medieval French Farces Translated, with an Introduction and Commentary

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This volume offers English translations of six French farces dating from the beinning to the mid-16th century. Each play portrays particular features of French farce. The author has clearly illustrated these informative aspects, allowing the reader to appreciate the finer distinctions between works within the genre. The Introduction provides a clear profile of the corpus of plays as well as a brief but enlightening history of farce itself. Each chapter/play includes its own introduction and set of notes, providing historical, cultural, and staging information.


" ... provides students and scholars with an invaluable contribution to Medieval Studies. Along with an extensive bibliography, each individual play is enhanced with extensive notes. This book is a wortwhile addition to academic library collections and of special interest to students of medieval French cultural and theatrical history." The Midwest Book Review, March 2006

Table of Contents

Preface, Introduction
1.The Farce of the Miller (La farce du Munyer): Farce of the Miller Whose Soul the Devil Carries to Hell
2.The Farce of Calbain (La farce de Calbain): New and Very Merry Farce of the Cobbler Called Calbain
3.The Farce of the Bonnet (La farce de la cornette): New, Very Merry and Very Pleasant Farce of the Bonnet
4.The Farce of the Kettle Maker (La farce du chaudronnier): New, Very Fine and Very Merry Farce of a Kettle Maker
5.The Farce of the Chimney Sweep (La farce du Ramoneur): New and Very Merry Farce of a Chimney Sweep
6.The Farce of the Gentleman and Naudet (La farce du gentilhomme et Naudet): New, Very Good and Very Merry Farce with Four Characters, Namely the Gentleman, Lison, Naudet, the Lady
Appendix: Sample Original Text (from the Farce of the Miller)

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