Evil and the Process God

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Examines the contributions of process theology to the theodicy issue, concentrating primarily on the work of Charles Hartshorne.


". . . a significant contribution to philosophical theology. His presentation of the variety of classical and contemporary solutions to the problem of evil . . . is the best I am aware of in the literature." - Theological Studies

". . . the only available book devoted entirely to process theodicy. Fortunately, uniqueness is not its only merit. Whitney's contribution certainly deserves to be included in libraries of process philosophy and theology. . . . his central criticism of Hartshorne seems to me to be both important and justified." - Process Studies

". . . an interesting and readable book." - Religious Studies Review

". . . offers a thoughtful study of the contribution of process theology to the ongoing discussion of the problem of evil. . . . What is more distinct and original is that the book develops along Hartshornian lines whereas many process works are more expr

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