Mystery of Hope in the Philosophy of Gabriel Marcel (1888-1973). Hope and Homo Viator

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The present work is the only work in English which exclusively explores Marcel's understanding of hope. Examines hope as it relates to many categories, among them activity-act-life, anxiety-strangeness, availability-unavailability, being-having, captivity-trials, charity, communion-intersubjectivity, concrete philosophy, creativity, death, desire, despair, faith, prayer, sacrifice-suicide, and many more. Additionally the book offers a spiritual biography of Marcel based on his two essays in autobiography, a bibliography of secondary material, and appendices which index Marcel's major passages on the themes described above.


". . . many details which would escape the observation of many learned minds, are gathered with loving care in Randall's accounts. His portrayal of Marcel's 'living the mystery of hope' is preciously rich because of his true affiliation with this existentialist philosopher. Primary as well as secondary sources are brought into this staging of Marcel's significance. . . . This is certainly a substantiated and heartfelt book worthy of much recognition. The life of philosophy has been enriched by it." - William P. Frost, Explorations

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