Events Preceding Death

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"Digging deep into the Midwest farmland of family and myth, Donna Biffar’s poetry creates a world that nourishes us all. Hers is a work of symbols drawn from the heart of the heartland, and held up to the clean light of the noonday sun to expose the deepest and least understood yearnings of the human mind. No stone in the psychological terrain of these fields remains unturned, no pond, no lake or stream uncharted. Her words and lines are as well-chosen and crafted as they are poignant. Events Preceding Death is an exceptional and welcome addition to her growing corpus of very fine work." - Wayne Lanter

"{Although uniquely and painfully personal, Donna Biffar’s poetry has a universal appeal." - Sam Smith, Editor, Online Originals

". . . a multidimensional layered appeal. Great writing." - Tikvah Feinstein, Taproot Press

"Innermost thoughts of a universal quality that shock the hearer, the thinker, or floater." - N. B. Webb

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