Shades of Darkness

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Shades of Darkness is an expression of a tragic vision of life. The poet of ideal longings finds life cluttered by imperfections, historic abuse and complicated human relationships. We have a poetry of questioning, a poetry of stark images of pain, suffering and anger, but also a poetry reflecting moments of joy and human closeness. The result is a contemporary Romanticism which blends nuclear bombs, lasers, T.V., computerization, superpowers and the Third World with more traditional motifs and domestic life.


"This is an enormously intelligent man whose psyche has been forced toward completion in an expansion engendered by some sort of dissociation from our normal healthy extroverted concerns, our social superficialities. . . . A more honest, honorable, dutifully resourceful poetry will not be encountered. This extraordinary book constitutes a satisfying hive of earthly solace, and Mr. Mose's pages were engraved during the continuum's mindstorm, personally, so personally." -- Dusty Dog Reviews

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