European Foundations of Russian Modernism

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The ten articles in this volume will be of interest to experts and students of both Comparative Literature and 19th- and 20th-century Russian literature. The collection will serve as a useful research tool to those studying the history of literary movements and trends. While the focus of each study is the foreign moorings of Russian literature, the volume also interprets prominent European texts from a comparative perspective.


"The volume is timely and useful in its concern with a whole range of phenomena associated with modernism as seen in the context of Western literature, linguistics and philosophy. . . . This volume is indispensable to a student of Russian modernism because of its historical range and thematic focus, but also because some of its contributions are informed by relevant post-Structuralist literary theory still rarely used by Slavists." - Slavic and East European Journal

Table of Contents

Introduction - Peter I. Barta

Desire, Dostoesky and Adolf Hitler - Alex de Jonge

The Veil of Isis as a Paradigm of Russian Symbolist Mythopoesis - Michael Wachtel

Language as Energy: Echoes of Humbolt in the Work of Andrei Bely - Laura Goering

Kant, Kant, Kant: The Neo-Kantian Creative Consciousness of Bely's Peterburg - James West

"Not in the Footsteps of the Divine Goethe": Innkenty Annensky's Polemic with German Poetry - Catriona Kelly

"Fausta chto-li, Gamleta li": The Meaning of Faust in Pasternak's Poetry - Angela Livingstone

Rewriting Ibsen in Russia: Gumilyov's Dramatic Poem 'Gondla" - Elaine Rusinko

A New Word for a New Myth": Nietzsche and Russian Futurism - Bernice Glatzer Rosenthal

Desire and the Machine: The Literary Origins of Yury Olesha's "Ofeliya" - Anthony Vanchu

Kafka and the Modernism-Realism Debate in Literary Criticism of the Thaw - Edith W. Clowes


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