Contexts of Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin

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Essays in English and Russian presented at the 1987 symposium commemorating the 150th anniversary of Pushkin's death.


". . . to be recommended without qualification . . . articles are linked by the common theme of influences on Pushkin and Pushkin's influence on others . . . great merit of this volume is that all contributors share an enthusiasm for their subject and a readability that is not always to be found in academic publications." - Scottish Slavonic Review

"Unified by their common goal of improving our understanding of Pu_kin's `impact as a writer, literary theoretician, and public figure,' these papers offer insights and potentially rewarding lines of inquiry. . . . they undoubtedly will provide a stimulus for further research and scholarship." - Slavic and East European Journal

Table of Contents


Pushkin v zerkale avangardnykh travestii - Lena Szilard

The Symbolist's reception of Pushkin: Bryusu and Bely on "The Bronze Horseman" - Olga Muller Cooke

A.S. Pushkin and the St. Peterburg Text - Veronica Shapavalov

Pushkin and the Authorial Voice - Peter I. Barta

Early "Pushkinizm" as Critical Dialogue: Bakhatin's and Zhirmunsky's Reading of Pushkin's "For the Shores of Your Distant Country" - Anna A. Travis

Pushkin and the Don Juan Tradition - Wendell M. Aycock

The Raven's Eye: Pushkin and Chaadaev - Michael E. Katz

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