Ethics and Wildlife Book Two

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This volume analyzes some of our attitudes concerning wildlife, and discusses problems facing wildlife. It is a spirit of concern for, and recognition of the value of, wild creatures that unifies the essays in this volume.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

Preface (Priscilla Cohn)

1.The Basic Moral Rights of Humans and Nonhumans (Evelyn Pluhar)

2.Wildlife and Animal Rights (Gary L. Francione)

3.Philosophical Perspectives on Hunting (Tom Regan)

4.Exploding the Hunting Myths (Priscilla Cohn)

5.The Case Against the Christian Hunter (Andrew Linzey)

6.Why the Cullers Got It Wrong (H. J. L. Orford)

7.Towards Humane Management of Animal Populations (Teodor Stelmaziak)

8.The Politics of Western Wild Horse Management (Anna E. Charlton)

9.Urban Deer Contraception: The Seven Stages of Grief (Jay Kirkpatrick)

10.Evolutionary Covenants: Domestication, Wildlife and Animal Rights (Gary Calore)

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