Ethical Edge of Christian Theology Forty Years of Communitarian Personalism

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Nineteen essays and an autobiographical introduction dealing with "communitarian personalism," a Christian social ethic that is an outgrowth of "Boston personalism," which conceives of God as an all-inclusive personal being whose primary volition is love.


"This collection is important to the history of contemporary Christian social ethics and to the great tradition of Boston personalism. It is equally valuable as an example of the way in which various ethical excursuses can be governed by a comprehensive and systematic integration of metaphysics, Christian theology, social ethics, and empirical social science." - Interpretation - A Journal of Bible and Theology

"Commence[s] with a brilliant forty-two-page autobiographical statement . . . . They [the essays] constitute a remarkable series of insights into the social nature of human personality and the ethical requirements laid upon society, the nation, and the church. . . . The style of the book is straightforward and clear, the scholarship admirable, and the ideas fructifying. Few philosophical minds are as able to clarify the haze of so much religious thought as Muelder can." - Idealistic Studies

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