Environs of Russian Cities

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a pioneering effort to analyze the circumstances and phenomena of land-use, residential settings, and the relationship between the urban and rural worlds in Russia. It shows how changes in Russia’s urban margins are the result of ongoing political and economic reforms and also conditioned by long-term factors of life. It contains two empirical case studies: the study of the environs of Moscow and the environs of Yaroslavl in the 1990s. In both cases, recreation, rural, and agricultural components are emphasized. The authors particularly examine the core-periphery gradients of land use and population dynamics, and also land transfers and the formation of land market.


Focuses on the strips of land girding large cities in Russia. Applying the term ‘suburb’ to these strips would generate misleading associations. Its Russian counterpart has derived from a centripetal, urban-oriented migration – the Russian prigorod is stepping stone to the city, not out of it, as is generally the case in the West.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
1. Land beyond the City Limits: Russia versus the West
2. Moscow: Environs of the Capital City:
The City of Moscow and Moscow Urban Field
The Matrioshkas - City of Moscow – Moscow Oblast – Industrial Center – Russia
Internal Division of Moscow Oblast
Spatial Pattern of Population
Urban Areas of Moscow Oblast: Recreation and Tourism; Second Homes of Urbanites; Recreation Facilities for Public Use; Historic Towns; Monasteries and Churches; Estates of the Russian Nobility
Changes in Land Use: Composition and Dynamics; Development of Land Market; Land Transfers; Land Prices
Observations from the Field: Shchiolkovo Raion; Krasnogorsk Raion
3. Yaroslavl: Environs of a Provincial Center
Yaroslavl Oblast versus Moscow Oblast in the Industrial Center
Urban Areas of Yaroslavl Oblast
Taroslavl Countryside: Intra-Oblast Variance
Land Use: Yaroslavl Raion; Pereslavl Raion
Spatial Stratification: Moscow versus Yaroslavl
Bibliography; Index

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