Russian Words Borrowed into Modern Chinese: A Contact Lingustic Approach

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This book is based on an exhaustive analysis of 2,064 Russian terms that have been adapted from the Russian language into the modern Chinese language.


“In this book, Li Suogui offers a careful chronological study of lexical beginnings from Russian and Chinese primarily and then of merging interests over a period of more than a century. In researching and distilling his basic materials the author faced a challenging task, given the radical differences between these two otherwise unrelated languages, spoken and written, Mr. Li has met these challenges involved very successfully.” Professor Leonard E. Doucette,
University of Toronto

Table of Contents

Foreword by Leonard E. Doucette

Author's Preface

1. Introduction

2. Review of the Relevant Scholarship

3. The Impact of Russianisms on Chinese

4. The Methods and Types of Borrowings

5. Russianisms and Basic Features of the Chinese Language

6. Linguistic Changes in Lexical Borrowings

7. Russianisms in Different Chinese Fields

8. Russianisms in Chinese Linguistics and Literature

9. Conclusion




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