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The story of Dor (pronounced doe), a Haitian Voodoo priest, is captured with rich imagery and compelling rhythms. The setting is Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. There, Williams has created a place where the lines between good and evil, real and imagined, are blurred, as if two universes had converged. There, for a brief period, the powers of God and Satan are intertwined and the reader participates in questioning good and evil and whether there is a level of corruption that may be good. Dor is a poem of salvation, of sin and punishment, told in heroic blank verse.


"In his numerous published works, John Williams has proved his skill and versatility. Dor is further proof of both. He has made the reader see and feel the impact of this strange and compelling character and given a glimpse of the synthesis of the African and Christian elements in what is called 'Voodoo'." -- Frank S. FitzGerald-Bush, poet and historian

"I have been waiting four years in hope that John would again sing to me and to all his readers about the beauties of this Island, to enchant me with powerful stories, to whisper of Caribbean mystery and magic, and write lines of poetry that I wish I had written." - Jean Hull Herman, poet, editor of Mobius

"In his fifth book, Dor, John Williams turns his considerable narrative skills to an evocative tale of the tropics. Williams writes confidently, and his perfectly balanced lines echo with mythic resonance. Image for image, rhythm for rhythm, the poetry builds a man, an atmosphere, a world that will linger in the reader's mind." - Marilyn Bowden, poet, author, critic.

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