Doctrine of the Trinity in the Works of John Richardson Illingworth and William Temple, and the Implications for Contemporary Trinitarian Theology

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This book illustrates that theologians Illingworth and Temple represent, paradigmatically, the main strands of trinitarian theology found in the eastern and the western churches. The extent to which Illingworth represents a so-called ‘social’ trinitarian approach, and Temple a so-called ‘psychological’ one is examined. The book is theological rather than biographical, and as such it studies their respective trinitarian theologies. This study reveals not only that English theology has something important to offer, but that a comparison of two of its representatives from different generations opens up aspects of the relationship. These findings are used in conversation with the contemporary trinitarian scene.


“[This study] represents a significant contribution to contemporary interest in doctrines of the Trinity primarily by calling our attention to Illingworth, who is little known, and to Temple, who is probably little read.” – International Journal of Systematic Theology

“It offers a thorough analysis of their works and attempts to locate them within their historical context. It is based both on published and unpublished material. It should help rehabilitate these two important though neglected thinkers who sought to blend philosophy with theology. It also contributes to the history of neo-Hegelian and idealist philosophy. It should appeal to those interested in the history of theology and philosophy as well as to church historians and specialists in the history of ideas in Edwardian England. It also has some contemporary relevance to the discussion of the doctrine of the Trinity and Incarnation.” – Mark D. Chapman

Table of Contents

Table of Contents (main headings):
Introduction: Trinitarian Theology; John Richardson Illingworth and William Temple; Methodology
Part One: John Richardson Illingworth and the ‘Social’ Trinity
1. Ontology of the Person
2. The Doctrine of the Incarnation
3. ‘Social’ Trinitarianism
Part Two: William Temple and the ‘Psychological’ Trinity
4. ‘Psychological’ Trinitarianism
5. The doctrine of the Incarnation
6. Ontology of the Person
Part Three: Illingworth and Temple Living the Trinitarian Tradition
Bibliography, Index

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