Hoskins, Richard

About the author: Richard Hoskins lived in Africa before reading theology at Oxford University, where he gained a first. He attained his PhD on ‘trinitarian theology’ at King’s College, London, where he also lectured in systematic theology. He is now Lecturer in Theology at Portsmouth University, and Curate of St. John the Baptists Locks heath, in the dioceses of Portsmouth.

Doctrine of the Trinity in the Works of John Richardson Illingworth and William Temple, and the Implications for Contemporary Trinitarian Theology
2000 0-7734-7822-1
This book illustrates that theologians Illingworth and Temple represent, paradigmatically, the main strands of trinitarian theology found in the eastern and the western churches. The extent to which Illingworth represents a so-called ‘social’ trinitarian approach, and Temple a so-called ‘psychological’ one is examined. The book is theological rather than biographical, and as such it studies their respective trinitarian theologies. This study reveals not only that English theology has something important to offer, but that a comparison of two of its representatives from different generations opens up aspects of the relationship. These findings are used in conversation with the contemporary trinitarian scene.

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