Discography of Concert Band Recordings on Compact Disc

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This study comprises two major components – (1) an annotated discography of 73 concert band/wind ensemble compositions, and (2) interviews with leading conductors who have recorded concert band music on audio compact discs. A complete annotation for each recording identified provides thorough catalog information, including contents, performer, producer, and date. Only recordings that are readily available to consumers are included in this catalog. The discography lists a total of 342 albums. The subjects of the interviews are four conductors who were selected for having produced many recordings of concert band music


“I am honored to write these profound and profuse thanks for the basic fact that Dr. Stoffel undertook so monumental a study as his own concept of what he expressed so clearly in its complete title. I hold it to be basic to any study of conducting, whenever begun and continued open-ended ... Certainly, any university, school of music or conservatory should own at least two copies – one in its library and another in a locked bookcase in the wind conductor’s office ...” – Frederick Fennell, Founder, Eastman Wind Ensemble

“This comprehensive volume will find its deserved place among the essential resources for wind conductors of all levels, will be a necessary ‘go-to’ for music students as their knowledge of great repertoire develops, and also truly has appeal for those in the world who have a love for wind music apart from their profession ... This grand contribution to the wind band realm will become a basic component of the professional libraries of all my esteemed colleagues in the band world.” – Professor Richard R. Fischer, Concordia University

“Given the tremendous importance placed on all recordings in all aspects of the music profession, it is amazing that only one other discography of band music has been published, and that publication is more than 25 years old. Dr. Stoffel’s new book fills an enormous gap in the reference material available to the study and practice of wind band performance, conducting and instruction. This detailed and well-structured study also provides a model for any future projects of this type ... This book offers insight into the means by which the musical quality of works, and the significance of conductors or ensembles might be evaluated ...” – Professor Keith Kinder, McMaster University

Table of Contents

List of Tables
List of Illustrations
List of Appendices
Foreword by Frederick Fennell
1. Introduction
2. Discography
3. Analysis of the Discography
4. Interviews
5. Summary of the Interview Responses
6. Recommendations

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