Did Lyndon Baines Johnson Arrange the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy? The Case for the Prosecution

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The cold-blooded execution of President John F. Kennedy remains the most intriguing mystery of the 20th century. This fascinating book methodically examines the various organizations and numerous individuals who had the motive, the opportunity and the means of carrying out such an incredible crime exonerating, in theory, the alleged lone assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald.


Quote from book:
“The thing I am concerned about is having something issued so we can convince the public that Oswald is the real assassin, the only assassin.”
-J. Edgar Hoover,
Director of the FBI,
Memo to LBJ - November 23, 1963

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Where Was the Coverup?
Chapter 2: The Warren Commission: The Greatest Hoax Ever perpetrated on the American People – Richard Nixon
J. Edgar Hoover and the Warren Commission
Chapter 3: Lee Harvey Oswald
Chapter 4: A Most Bizarre Warning
Chapter 5: The Kennedys Arrive In Dallas
Chapter 6; Kennedy at Parkland Hospital
Chapter 7: Was Oswald the Trigger Man?
Chapter 8: Bethesda Naval Hospital and JFK’s Phony Autopsy
The Wound to Kennedy’s Skull
The Wound to Kennedy’s Throat
The Notorious “Magic Bullet” Theory
Chapter 9: Oswald’s Movements Following JFK’s Murder
Chapter 10: Alternate Version of the Murders
Officer Rosco White and JFK’s Assassination
Chapter 11: Jack Ruby, Mafia Thug
Chapter 12: Oswald’s Disturbing Second Autopsy in 1981
Chapter 13: Those Behind Kennedy’s Murder: The Mafia, The CIA, and The Anti Castro Cubans
The Mafia
Sam Giancana
Santos Trafficantre
Carlos Marcello
Johnny Roselli
Jimmy Hoffa
Chapter 14: The CIA
Death Bed Confession of E. Howard Hunt
Cord Meyer
Frank Fiorino (alias Frank Sturgis)
Chauncy Marvin Holt
David Atlee Philips (alias Maurice Bishop)
Antonio Veciana
Chapter 15: Possible Trigger Men
Lucien Sarti
Chuck Nicoletti
James Files
Eugene Hale Brading
Chapter 16: Jim Garrison Courageous Investigator
Clay Shaw (alias Clay Bertrand)
David Ferrie
Eladio Del Valle (alias Aladio)
Chapter 17: Richard M. Nixon:
What Was He Afraid Of?
Chapter 18: George H.W. Bush, a Secret CIA Agent
Chapter 19: Lyndon Baines Johnson: The Answer To Our Mystery
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