Dependency and the Foreign Policy of a Small Power the Liberian Case

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The book assesses the relationship between the economic dependence of Third World States and their foreign policy orientations, specifically examining the impact of dependency on the foreign policy of Liberia. Using three major indices - foreign aid, trade and investment - the study gauges the dependency-foreign-power nexus in a sample of eight cases; four capitalist states (United States, Britain, the Federal Republic of Germany, France), and four socialist states (the then USSR, People's Republic of China, German Democratic Republic, and Romania).


". . . delivers valuable insights into the socio-psychological aspects of neo-colonial dependency. . . The book makes significant contributions and entails important implications for many of the small states of the Third World. The author's indicators of Liberia's foreign policy congruence with major powers (the dependent variable) entail less methodological flaws than foreign investment, aid and trade (the independent variables)." - African Studies Review (

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