Cute and Perky, Slim and Sexy - A Poet's Guide to Personal Ads

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A poetic account of the author's seven-month sojourn through the Personal Ads scene.


"Her newest book is a mixture of insight, humor, and brutal honesty - a spiritual signpost for the modern dating game. . . . In an age of pretension, it is a revelation of persistence, of hope rising above bitterness. I found this book of poems impossible to put down once I picked it up." - Bryan Wilbur in The Seasons

"Jennifer MacPherson knows our shallowness and our depth, knows our pain and our potential, knows our desire and our capacity for love. A sometimes funny, sometimes sad, always moving book." - Patrick Lawler, author, Reading A Burning Book, and A Drowning Man Is Never Tall Enough

"Through the humorous and intimate vocabulary of the personal ad, MacPherson touches upon what is most personal in all of us, the need to stretch through the emptiness of space to touch one another. These poems are poems of our late twentieth century civilization with their lyrical exploration of our growing interpersonal relationships through the media." - Sean Thomas Dougherty, author, The Mercy of Sleep and Love Song of the Young Couple.

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