Poems of Exile and Home: In the Wake of Our Dreams

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This is a SOFTCOVER EDITION of a collection of poetry by Daniel Pule Kunene edited by Fritz Pointer.

"Beneath Kunene's wry humor and mischievous wit, we find a passionate concern for, and deep understanding of, the human condition in all its manifestations. He reflects on themes of nature, time, love and hope, life and death, dream and reality, freedom and bondage, war and peace, in their historical as well as contemporary context of anticolonial struggle and racial strife." -Fritz Pointer [Prologue]

Table of Contents

Prologue by Fritz Pointer

Poetry by Daniel Pule Kunene including (among others) poems from...

Pirates Become Our Kings (1978)
A Seed Must Seem to Die: and other poems (1981)
Tears of a Laughing Sun (2004)
The Rock at the Corner of My Heart (2009)

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