Critical Editions of Spanish Artistic Ballads, 1580-1650: Romanceros Artísticos

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The ballad collections, each significant in its own way, will fill major gaps in the history of the genre. This play represents a transition to the school of Lope de Vega. Includes Introduction, bibliography, reproduction of text with annotations, indexes (contents, onomastica, metrics, errata, authorship, glossary, etc.) In Spanish


"The Jardín de amadores is unique in that it bridges the gap from the period of the romance of the Flores to that of an elitist ballad post-1600. Although it also contains poems in a number of different meters, the Jardín is one of the most important collections of the late 16th and 17th century genre known as the romancero nuevo ... Dr. Barbara Mortenson's edition is richly and meticulously annotated. The introductory study she has provided, as well as the exhaustive indices make this edition an indispensable research instrument for anyone working on Spanish Golden Age poetry." - Professor Samuel J. Armistead

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