Literary Portrayals of 9/11 (Updike, Foer, DeLillo): Three Texts Interpreting the Trauma of Terrorism

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"This volume examines post-9/11 literary texts having a direct relation to that event.... [It] places the chosen literary texts in what are thought to be relevant contexts offered by historical, political and geopolitical coordinates, as well as by theoretical frameworks meant to shed light on the problematics of the characters themselves and on what they represent in the real world for real readers in real environments." -from the Author's "Introduction"

Table of Contents

9/11: The End of the American Century?
Some of the Hard Facts of 9/11
Words and a Geopolitical Landmark: G.W. Bush's War on Terror Speech
Responses to the Shadows of 9/11 and Its Accompanying War on Terror
TRAUMA, an outline: Dealing with the Unrepresentable
The 1990s and What Followed: Contemporary Trauma Theory
Whose Terrorist?: Updike's
Jonathan Safran Foer's Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: From Melancholia to Mourning
Working Through or Succumbing to Melancholia in the Havoc of 9/11: DeLillo's Falling Man

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