Contemporary Women Writing in the Other Americas Volume Three. Contemporary Women Writing in Canada and Quebec

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"Space That I Claim as Mine": Contemporary Canadian Women's Novels in English (Coral Ann Howells)
Writing About Writing: Carol Shields's The Journal (Simone Vauthier)
Expatriates or not? Two Canadian Novelists in Paris: Anne Hébert and Mavis Gallant (Georgiana M. M. Colvile)
Quebec Women Writers and the Quiet Revolution (Mary Jean Green)
France Théoret's Feminist Hyperrealism: Denaturalizing Female Domesticity in L'Homme qui peignait Staline (Karen Gould)
Rape by Grammar: Marlene Nourbese Philip's Hyphenated Tongue or Writing the Caribbean Demotic between Africa and Arctic (Barbara Godard)
Art is a Thief: Maria Campbell and Linda Griffith's Jessica (Frances W. Kaye)
Writing as a Trajectory of Desire and Consciousness (Nicole Brossard)

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