Contemporary Women Writing in the Other Americas Volume One: Contemporary Women Writing in Latin America

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A Spanish American Scheherazade: On Isabel Allende and Eva Luna (Susana Reisz)
Back to the Suture: Patriarchal Discourse and Susana Thenon's Ova Completa (Bernard J. McGuirk)
An Interview with Magda Portal (Kathleen Weaver)
Discerning Alejandra: Concerning the Poetics of Pizarnik (Asunción Horno-Delgado)
Innovative Latin American Writing of the 1980s: The Feminist Projects of Angel, Torres Molina and Parente Cunha (Raymond L. Williams)
Rigoberta Menchu: The Exiles of a Guatemalan Indian Woman (Mark I. Millington)
"Here Be Dragons:, or She Devils and Little Boys: The Annihilation of the Male in Lygia Fagundes Telles (Maria Manuel Lisboa)
Women Writing and Living in Latin America (Elena Poniatowska)
"Ecriture Féminine" in Chile: Invaded Space in Ana Maria del Rio, Diamela Eltit and Sonia Montecinos (Antonio Skármeta)

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