Confraternity and Carnevale at San Giovanni Evangelista, Florence, 1820-1924

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"The Church of San Giovanni Evangelista (SGE)...stands in the heart of the city being one block up from the Via Martelli.... SGE came under the jurisdiction of the "Padri delle Scuole Pie" more formally known as the "Clerici di Madre di Dio," informally as "Scolopi" 1775 following the Jesuits' expulsion. The Jesuits had been in charge of the church since its erection in the late sixteenth century following a design by Ammannati. From the beginning SGE was intended for their use...." -Aubrey Garlington (Introduction)

Table of Contents

Part 1-Text
SGE and Scuole Pie
Music and the Scuole Pie
The New Congregation
Example I: Year, Title, GDF Entry, Catalogue Entry/Commentary
Example II: Composer, Title, Year, Total Number of Performances
Example III: President, Name
Example IV: President, Year
Financial Considerations
Example V: Expenditures, Prince Poniatowsky, 1842
Example VI: Expenditures, Music Only, Prince Corsini, 1842-43; 1867-68
Example VII: Non-music related expenditures, 1841.
Performances in SGE under the Auspices of the Congregazione...
Performance Practices
Repertoire, Composers, Librettists

Part II - Catalogue
Catalogue, Musical Archives, Congregazione di SS. Maria Addorata e San Giuseppe Calasanzio: Biblioteca Scollopica Provinciale-Firenze Church or San Giovanni Evangelista

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