Concepts of Transmigration Perspectives on Reincarnation

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This unique work examines the concept of transmigration from the viewpoints of the major religions. While some pieces may have appeared in different texts, this is the first to include them all under one cover. Each chapter is authored by an acknowledged scholar in his field, written in non-technical terminology. As a result, the work will appeal to a wide audience of laypersons and professionals alike. This work is useful for graduate and undergraduate students in religious studies, philosophy, and interdisciplinary courses such as Death and Dying, and Afterlife Traditions.


"This is an important scholarly but readable work on how various religions view reincarnation. . . .Each contributor not only presents a lucid exploration of their subject but also provides the reader with actual textual quotes from original source material. Editor Dr. Steven J. Kaplan . . . has done a remarkable job soliciting this information from its various authors and the traditions they reflect. His anthology is probably the only one of its kind, presenting students of Soul Science with clear pictures of how different ideologies perceive the Soul and its mysterious journey both in life and in death, and, of course, in rebirth. . . .this book is a rare and incredible contribution to an eclectic glimpse of th Science of the Soul, and, unlike its subject, a book like this may never happen again." - Pumbedissa

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