Comparative Study of Prehistoric Foragers in Europe and North America

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This study is a comparison of the Palaeoindian and the archaic communities of north America and those of the final Palaeolithic and the Mesolithic of northern Eurasia.


“Drs. Bower and Kobusiewicz have made a noteworthy contribution to the archaeological literature. Their study constitutes the first attempt to compare human responses to changing environments in the Old and New World during Final Pleistocene and early Holocene times that not only includes a thorough review of the literature, but also a solid foundation of field work in Poland and the United States ... This book's value stems in part from setting forth new archaeological data and effectively synthesizing them with the existing literature on the two regions that were investigated ... Scholars who are seriously concerned with explaining culture history will need to consider the results obtained by Drs. Bower and Kobusiewicz." - Professor Romuald Schild

“The work fulfils its promise of first of all verification of hypotheses about the role of environmental determinants in the evolution of hunter-gatherer communities and the role of models of the cultural change as a process of adaptation to changing environment. On the basis of their comparative data, the authors confront the deterministic approach wherein cultural changes are seen in the perspective of cultural adaptation exclusively with the strictly evolutionary approach wherein man and man’s choices decide about cultural development ... This book does not only sum up a stage in investigations but also proposes future directions in the study of hunter-gatherer communities of the Pleistocene/Holocene boundary. The book is moreover an important contribution into the sphere of theory of archaeology whose prospective impact on both sides of the Atlantic is hard to overestimate.” -Professor Janusz K. Kozlowski, Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland

Table of Contents

1. Background and Overview of the Project
2. Palaeogeographic and Culture Historic Frameworks
3. Macro Scale Comparison of Lithic Technologies
4. Macro Scale Comparison of Subsistence-Settlement Systems
5. Micro Scale Comparison of Lithic Technologies and Subsistence-Settlement Systems
6. Culture History and Cultural Adaptation

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