Comparative Approach to Redefining

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This study explores the changing conceptualization of social/cultural/gender/ethnic identities in contemporary China under the crushing power of capitalist globalization. His analysis integrates the ’cultural studies’ approach into the survey of contemporary Chinese society and culture. He selected verbal/visual texts range from rock music, bestsellers, and film to advertisements and TV commercials. Chapters include a review of ‘Chinese-ness’ as a geopolitical and cultural concept; an examination of Chinese rock singer Cui Jian; gender identity, as seen in contemporary feminist writing in Wei Hui’s Shanghai Jewel, and gay literature such as Wang Xiaobo’s novella “East Palace, West Palace”; and finally examines ethnic identity through the writing of Zhaxi Dawa (Turbulent Shambhala) and other ethnic minority writers.


“This original research based on thorough, detailed and substantive studies is an ambitious attempt to depict China not only as a consumer but a producer of the global postmodern literature and culture as well. It contributes to the emerging avenue for Chinese minor literatures and subcultures that have played a major role in constructing a pluralistic and dynamic Chinese-ness in the era of globalization. In sum, this book is attractive to both academic and non-academic circles and has made a useful contribution to the field of contemporary Chinese literary and cultural studies.” – Meiru Liu, Portland State University

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
1. “Chinese-ness” Revisited: History and Prospect
2. Rock-and-Roll on the Road of a Post-Socialist ‘Long March’: A ‘Chinese Bob Dylan’ (Cui Jian) and his Quest for a New Socio-Cultural Identity
3. Body Writing and Corporeal Feminism: Reconstructing Gender Identity in Contemporary China
4. Unmasking Latent Han-centrism and Innovating Boundary Writing: Reconstructing Ethnic Identity in Contemporary China
Conclusion; Bibliography; Index

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