Communal Love at Oneida a Perfectionist Vision of Authority, Property, and Sexual Order

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A sympathetic study of John Humphrey Noyes' vision of spirituality and his theology of love, clearly showing the implications of this theory for Noyes' doctrines of complex marriages, women's rights (other than equality), male continence, eugenics, and child-rearing. Based largely on primary sources.


". . . a valuable contribution not only to literature on American communal movements but also to current debate on the question, Can sexual love be nonexclusive and yet responsible?" - Religious Studies Review ". . . most previous scholarship has focused on Oneida's unconventional sexual and marital practices, largely ignoring their theological rationale. DeMaria, by contrast, goes back to the theological roots of Oneida . . . ." - Church History

". . . a good introduction to Oneidan theology and perfectionist male-female relationships." - Alternative Futures ". . . makes a contribution to the growing body of specialized literature which deals with a specific part of community life _ in this case love, and its outgrowth in marriage and social relationships. . . . DeMaria's scholarship is impressive." - Communal Societies

". . . Richard Demaria has done us an invaluable service with this lucid and sympathetic presentation of Oneida's theology of human sexuality." - Ronald Green ". . . makes a valuable contribution to Oneida scholarship. This book is highly recommended . . . ." - Suzanne B. Geissler ". . . interesting and well done." - Horizons

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