Civilian Conservation Corps. A Bibliography

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This book is a list of citations covering the wealth of information written about the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The CCC was President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s favorite and most respected New Deal program. It provided economic assistance and hope for the future to the many enlisted men and their families during the height of the Great Depression. These men developed state parks, built roads and bridges and restored the environment from the devastation caused by droughts and deforestation of the west. Through hard work, they found renewed pride in themselves and their country. Their efforts can be seen in former camp sites and parks across the nation.

There continues to be a fascination with the CCC. It is often studied as a model program of youth service work, conservation, and adult education. This collection will be useful to all who study the New Deal era and especially to those who concentrate on the CCC. The bibliography is organized by material type, including Federal Government documents, magazine, and journal articles, ERIC documents, books (including theses and dissertations), videos and films. The magazine, journal articles, and ERIC documents are briefly annotated to further assist the researcher.


“The Civilian Conservation Corps was one of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s most esteemed New Deal programs. The New Deal sought to end the economic and social devastation caused by the Great Depression by boosting the economy, restoring the environment and providing relief for families. … Revered for its quick installation, environmental and economic relief and for providing vocational training and life skills to America’s youth, the CCC is fondly remembered as a model civil service agency. The program was in existence from 1933-1942 and employed over three million workers who planted over three billion trees. Jean Wells and Jackie McFadden have gathered the vast amount of information written about the CCC and have compiled it into a ready reference source. This is the most complete, accurate, and well-organized bibliography of the Civilian Conservation Corps to date and the only bibliography with annotated journal citations. Scholars, genealogists, and students will find it to be a valuable resource.” – (from the Commendatory Preface) Jason H. Silverman, Professor of History, Winthrop University

“The Civilian Conservation Corps was one of the most significant policy initiatives of the New Deal. As such it attracted a high public profile, which was enhanced because its quasi-military nature distinguished it from such other federal employment programs as the Works Progress Administration and the Public Works Administration. … In what will undoubtedly prove a boon to scholars—or anyone else interested in the CCC—Jackie McFadden and Jean Wells have compiled the first comprehensive bibliography of this rich collection of published sources. …Its index is equally user friendly, cross-referencing each entry by subject. As a scholar who has researched and written about a subject for which no such comprehensive bibliography exists, I appreciate the assistance that such a work will provide to scholars of the CCC, the New Deal, and federal public-works policy generally. It will also be useful to environmental historians, and the strong interest taken in the CCC by writers focusing on its operations at the state and local level will render it helpful to regional historians across the nation. . . . will be a valuable addition to the reference section of any research library.” – Andrew Doyle, Assistant Professor of History, Winthrop University, Rock Hill, South Carolina

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Preface by Jason H. Silverman, Ph.D.
Government Documents
Magazine or Journal Articles
ERIC Documents
Books (including Theses and Dissertations)
Films and Videos

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