City Culture and City Planning in Tbilisi: Where Europe and Asia Meet

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This book reevaluates the importance of identity in the interpretation and organization of city space.


“This book is an unnerving mix of views and insights into a fascinating country. A country in the Caucasus that can be regarded as a social laboratory and a pars pro toto for all types of turmoil in our western society of the last two centuries; cultural, political, and ideological turmoil.” – Prof. Andre van der Zande, Wageningen University

“. . . this detailed elaboration on Georgia offers planners worldwide a mirror that should encourage them to critically reflect on their own planning system and on their various own roles as planners.” – Prof. Raoul Beunen, Wageningen University

“. . . offers very interesting results of research, analysis and reflection involving different scientific fields. The studies deal with Georgian the environment, landscape and urbanism in the context of Georgian tradition and of ancient, modern and recent history.” – Prof. Aart van Zoest, University of Utrecht

Table of Contents

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Foreword by Prof. Dr. Andre van der Zande
Introduction. City Culture and City planning in Georgia. Identities and Their Remaking. – Kristof Van Assche
1. The Mother of Cities: Tbilisi/Tiflis in the Twilight of Empire. - Ronald Grigor Suny
2. National Narratives, Realms of Memory and Tbilisi Culture. - Zaza Shatirishvili
3. The City of Balconies: Elite Politics and the Changing Semiotics of the Post-socialist Cityscape. – Paul Manning
4. From Folk Song to Jazz and Rap: Elite and Popular Musical Cultures of Tbilisi. – Nino Tsitishvili
5. Soviet Utopias and Georgian realities. Unknown Works of the Architect Giorgi Leshava. – Elena Kiladze
6. The Evolution of Spatial Planning in Georgia from Socialism to Market Economy. – Karl Ziegler
7. Market Versus Planning? Mechanisms of Spatial Change in Post-Soviet Tbilisi. – Joseph Salukvadze
8. Social Dimensions of Urban Development in Post-Soviet Georgia. The Quest for Participatory Planning in Shattered Social Landscapes. – Vladimer Vardosanidze
9. Decline of Public Space in Capitalist Georgia. - Nick Shavishvili
10. Suburbanization in Tbilisi: Global Trend in a Local Context. -Tamara Sulukhia
11. Would Planners be as Sweet by any Other Name? Roles in a Transitional Planning System: Tbilisi, Georgia. – Kristof Van Assche, Joseph Salukvadze, Martijn Duineveld, and Gert Verschraegen
12. The Hotel/Refugee Camp Iveria: Symptom, Monster, Fetish, Home. – Paul Manning

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