Christadelphians in North America

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This first full-length study of the Christadelphians interprets their thought and development - historical, theological, sociological, and anthropological. Adds to our understanding of the role of millennialism in American religious and cultural history.


". . . a deeply researched and encompassing historical study, the first of its kind for North America and breaking new ground with regard to the movement's early growth in Britain. . . . Lippy captures the [Christadelphian] mood and his pages breathe the authentic atmosphere of Christadelphian commitment and integrity - a sober testimony to a sober and serious people." - Times Literary Supplement

". . . will please the discerning Christadelphian in that it is fair and accurate in its presentations and has assessed the Christadelphian community quite well." - James Stanton in The Sanctuary-Keeper "Lippy takes us into the lives of the Christadelphians and cogently describes their religious concerns, including their complex doctrinal divisions. It is a masterful treatment of a very difficult research challenge in American religious history." - John R. Wunder in Scholarly Research and Review

". . . a fascinating study of a little-known group of Restorationists. Lippy's comprehensive discussion of their origins, leaders, beliefs, and social structures makes a major contribution to the study of American religion." - Nancy A. Hardesty "Lippy's study of [the Christadelphians] is based on minutely detailed research which includes both written sources and first-hand observation. As usual, he brings together extensive data with skillful interpretive technique to produce a study both sympathetic and insightful." - Peter W. Williams

". . . balanced and optimistic view of the Christadelphians . . . very valuable addition to the library of any Christadelphian." - The Christadelphian Advocate

"Lippy (Clemson University), coeditor of the Encyclopedia of the American Religious Experience CH, May '88), here offers the first book-length study of American Christadelphianism. Restorationist, pacifist, nonhierarchical, and awaiting the imminent second coming of Christ, the roughly 6,000 North American Christadelphians (Brethren of Christ) eschew contact with their secular neighbors and avoid association with other Christian groups. Lippy reads their history as a tale of passionate commitment to purity at all costs, and he suggests that their continued existence poses a challenge to the usual sociological analyses of sectarian behavior. Though he chooses not to discuss the economic, social, and cultural lives of actual Christadelphians, Lippy's account is patient and sympathetic in describing what it means to live, as Christadelphians put it, "in the truth." Level: graduate and upper-division undergraduate." - CHOICE

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