Charan Singh and the Mystic Tradition

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Charan Singh is relatively unknown in the West, but when he died in 1990 this spiritual teacher had a worldwide following of over one million disciples. He taught that there exists a direction connection to God within every individual. This connecting link is a current of sound – the Biblical Word, the Tao, the Logos, the Holy Spirit, the unstruck melody, the music of the spheres. He further taught the method of meditation by which his disciples could connect with that link and experience God. He devoted his life to teaching the essential truth and unity underlining every religion and mystical practice. Through a study of his writings and discourses this is the first published book to examine the spiritual ideas of Charan Singh. His teaching is referred to as Sant Mat, the Science of the Soul, or the Radha Soami teachings.

Table of Contents

1. Mysticism and the Spiritual Teacher; The Nature of Mysticism; the Role of the Spiritual Teacher
2. From Seeker to Disciple; Nature of the Path; Karma, Free Will, and Reincarnation; The Master and the Disciple
3. Labyrinths of the Mind; Intellect and Ego as Obstacles; Loneliness, Doubt, Disappointment and Fear; 9000 Seconds! Obstacle or Opportunity?
4. Charan Singh on Jesus Christ

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