Changing Architecture of Iberian Politics (1974-1992) an Investigation on the Structuring of Democratic Political Systemic Culture in Semiperipheral Southern European Societies

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This contribution to the study of institutional change from the authoritarian to the democratic regime in Portugal and Spain focuses particularly on the relationship between political structure and culture. The new concept of "political systemic culture" is introduced to show the structuring process of socialization, participation, and state agencies in building up a new democratic regime.


". . . Magone draws on a wide range of German, Portuguese and Spanish sources which will be of interest to those without easy access to such materials. He brings an impressive array of arguments to bear on the question. . . . Among the more interesting parts of the book is Magone's analysis of the role of elites in regime, group and social structuring. . . . Whether or not one agrees with all of Dr. Magone's conclusions, this remains a solid work of scholarship with a number of original contributions to the literature, particularly in the later chapters which one hopes can be made more widely available." - South European Sociaty and Politics

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