Britain, Italy, Germany and the Spanish Civil War

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Based on primary sources at the Public Record Office, particularly the Cabinet and Foreign Office Papers, as well as secondary sources, this study shows the pattern of British government policy toward Mussolini and how it tacitly encouraged his aggressive wars against Libya, Ethiopia and Spain.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
1. "We built Mussolini into a great power" Anthony Eden
2. Four-Power Pact between Germany, Italy, Britain and France
3. Anglo-Italian Agreement, despite the Nazi invasion of Austria
4. The British Government's connivance at Italy's wars against Ethiopia and Spain
5. Germany, Italy, Britain and France jointly bully Czechoslovakia
6. Anglo-Italian Agreement implemented as Axis forces defeat the Spanish Republic
7. Italy invades Albania, and Chamberlain carries on fishing
8. Chamberlain offers 'collaboration and support' to Mussolini, while rejecting Grand Alliance against the Axis
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