1918-1919 Pandemic of Influenza the Urban Impact in the Western World

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This book provides the reader with a general comparison of the pandemic's effect in cities across the Western world: Frankfort, Marseille, Paris, Manchester, Atlanta, Chicago, San Diego, Guatemala City, and Rio de Janeiro. The work was done by scholars with expertise in the history of the area under consideration. They provide a brief description of the city's importance; statistical data on mortality and morbidity; an examination of the public health response; the pandemic's impact on everyday life; and the economic effect of the pandemic.


". . . fills some of the gaps and provides a valuable framework for comparative studies. . . . Many of the essays use new archival sources, and all cite the contemporary press. . . . Although the essays vary somewhat in length and focus, the editor has provided sufficient common ground to facilitate interurban comparisons and contrasts. The select bibliography is short, but up to date and helpful. This volume is a useful contribution on a major problem and should be consulted by anyone interested in the history of the pandemic." - Bulletin of Historical Medicine

"This is a fascinating collection . . . . well-integrated and uniformly well written. The essays provide useful generalizations, illustrative facts about the unique and particular, and insights on the use of sources. The generalizations are productive of thought about the past and a concern about the future. . . . The interdisciplinary nature of the essays also merits comment. The book is of interest to a variety of scholars: in social history, the history of medicine, political science, and urban affairs, among others. . . . a solid and provocative work." - Benjamin B. Tate

"... Europe and Latin American have been virtually ignored on this subject, and the selection of two-thirds of the book's nine cities from these areas makes it truly a pioneering work. . . . a very significant addition to the scholarly literature on the subject." - John A. Hutcheson

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