Bouwsma's Notes on Wittgenstein's Philosophy, 1965-1975

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Bouwsma's notes focus on sections of the Philosophical Investigations and Blue Book with the aim of helping a reader understand the unique insights which Wittgenstein brought to philosophy. Wittgenstein's writing is indirect, fragmented, and presupposes an occupation with specific philosophical problems. Established philosophers argue over the simplest interpretations, such as whether he was an empiricist, nominalist or skeptic. Bouwsma's work helps the reader appreciate Wittgenstein's insights. Bouwsma understands and can demonstrate how to apply Wittgenstein to the theories of other philosophers such as Descartes, Plato, and St. Augustine. This volume will be useful as a reference for philosophers and students working with the Philosophical Investigations and Blue Book.


“. . . if we see the Notes for what it is, as what I have called a filled-in homework notebook rather than as a commentary, then Bouwsma’s Notes can be inviting, instructive, and, at times, downright fun. In the Notes, Bouwsma entices us to ponder certain philosophical problems, and he helps us see how we can use Wittgenstein’s method when we ponder those problems. But Bouwsma does more than that in the Notes, for he also reminds us of the joys of skipping stones, of gnawing on an old shoe, of delighting in language.” – Reason Papers

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