Contributions of Gabriel Marcel to Philosophy. A Collection of Essays

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Articles by the best Marcel scholars in America attempt to capture Marcellian thought never before treated in literature.


"As a collection of discussions about Marcel, this text is an invaluable scholarly tool. . . . After a provocative introductory article by the editor, 'Gabriel Marcel's Philosophy of Participation: Homo Spectans vs. Homo Particeps', the remaining essays are grouped in four parts according to content. What is worthwhile about the groupings is that the reader becomes acquainted with Marcel the person, the variety of his personal accomplishments and the personality of his philosophy. . . . what the Cooney volume offers, and perhaps what future Marcellian scholarship should consider, are the suggestions for Marcellian Postmodern directions." - Thomas Michaud in Bulltein de la Société Américaine de Philosophie de Langue Française

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