Blasphemy and the Law in Ireland

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This study considers the fundamental question as to whether it is legitimate for a democratic state which recognizes a right to free speech to restrict that right in order to prevent the publication of material which is blasphemous, in the sense of being insulting to God, and hence either harmful to the social order or else offensive to the listening religious devotee. Analysis is centered on the law of the Irish Republic whose Constitution specifically criminalizes the act of public blasphemy. The study analyzes the nature of this crime and the impact on it of its English counterpart. It asks whether there is any justification for the retention of such a law and if so, the form it should take.


"This is an excellent treatment not just of blasphemy but of freedom of speech issues generally. It is a particularly worthwhile contribution to the resolution of conflicts between competing rights and values involved in freedom of speech." Mr. Vincent Browne, BL, Journalist and Broadcaster

"Blasphemy law in Ireland is an intriguing subject both in history and practice. This book opens up a significant and fascinating aspect of Irish law for both practitioner and general reader." The Most Reverend Dr. Robin Eames, Archbishop of Armagh

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Preface; Foreword
1. The Common Law Offence of Blasphemy
2. Gay News, The Satanic Verses and English Blasphemy Law
3. Irish Blasphemy Law, Past & Present
4. Criticism & Reform of Irish Blasphemy Law, Past & Present
5. The Importance of Freedom of Expression
6. Blasphemy, Freedom of Expression and Harm to Others
7. Lord Devlin, The Enforcement of Morals and Irish Blasphemy Law
8. Offence to Others and Irish Blasphemy Law
9. Constitutional Principle and the Future of Irish Blasphemy Law
Bibliography; Table of Cases; Index

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