Role of Firearms in Domestic Violence. A Study of Victims, Police, and Domestic Violence Shelter Workers in West Virginia

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Examines the dynamics of abusive relationships and the role of firearms in violent acts, in an attempt to assist policy-makers and NCHIP in facilitating the most effective response to domestic violence. The research was conducted by faculty in the Criminal Justice Department at Marshall University as part of a continuing commitment to education, training, and research about domestic violence. Included are a literature review, analyses of primary and secondary data collected, and recommendations for policy and training.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
1. Domestic Violence and Firearms in West Virginia
2. Mother-Child Justice Study
3. The Victim Intake Worker survey
4. Domestic Violence and Firearms, a Police Response
5. A Comparison of Data from the Victim, Police Officer, and Intake Worker surveys
6. Conclusions and Recommendations
Epilogue; References
Appendix A: A Mother-Child Justice Survey
Appendix B: Firearms and Domestic Violence, a Police Response
Appendix C: Vctim Intake Worker Study

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