Biographical Study of Ingwer Ludwig Nommensen (1834-1918), Pioneer Missionary to the Bataks of Sumatra

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Based on primary and secondary sources, this study evaluates Nommensen's basic beliefs, his missionary methods, collegial spirit, and his strategy from missiological, ecclesial and sociological perspectives. Face-to-face interviews with living relatives, native Bataks, and German colleagues have enabled the author to shed significant light on his methods, style, and achievements as a missionary. In dealing with his missionary endeavors in the context of his particular setting (among the Bataks of North Sumatra in Indonesia), the biography notes his interdependence in working with others and the kind of indigenization of the Christian faith he and his co-workers brought about.


". . . remarkable in three ways: it offers the first monographic beiography of Nommensen in English, it includes a study of the materials in the German Wuppertal-Barmen Mission archives, and the author interviewed personalities in the Batak Church about local memories of Nommensen. . . . The book is furnished with careful indexes and a number of well-reproduced illustrations. The author is to be congratulated on his achievement." - International Bulletin of Missionary Research

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