Bio-Bibliography of Clarence S. Day, Jr., American Writer, 1874-1935

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This study contains and insightful biographical portrait of the author – the most substantive account of Day’s life every written - and a comprehensive list of citations to every publication that can now be attributed to Day, including items that appeared under pseudonyms, and other rarities. It will enable researchers and scholars to recognize that the sheer volume of Day’s published drawings, prose, and verse is far more substantial than previously been assumed. Day is famous primarily for Life With Father and Life With Mother, but his other published work has not been previously documented. The bio-bibliography will also permit scholars to identify and access key primary and secondary sources for future research on Day.


“A quick perusal of this meticulous catalogue will offer many surprises to readers acquainted with him only as the author of Life With Father. Who would have guessed that Day had been an outspoken supporter of voting rights for women? Coyne and Moran have illuminated a surprising new facet of Day’s character through the identification of a handful of satirical cartoons that he drew for suffrage publications of the 1910’s. A survey of Day’s early short stories and magazine columns reveals that he was fascinated by the changing roles of men and women in American society as Victorian conceptions of marriage, family, and domestic order unraveled in the first decades of the twentieth century….this volume establishes that Day’s printed words and drawings do form, in themselves, a substantial and extraordinary body of work…. For Clarence Day’s many audiences of the future, this bio-bibliography will serve as an essential introduction and an indispensable guide.” – James Moske, Archivist, The New York Public Library. Mr. Moske arranged and catalogued the Clarence Day Papers held by the Manuscripts and Archives Division of The New York Public Library

“…a well-researched, accessibly written and precisely presented book chronicling the oeuvre of a major American writer and cartoonist of the early 20th century….The strengths of this book are its attention to biographical detail, its comprehensiveness and its exactitude….Coyne and Moran’s book will be professionally appreciated by social, cultural and literary scholars and generally appreciated by other readers interested in Clarence Day as both a chronicler of American social history and a creator of memorable characters of Americana.” – Dr. Karl Neuenfeldt, Senior Lecturer, Central Queensland University, Australia

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Preface; Introduction
1. Clarence Shepard Day, Jr., 1874-1935
2. Day and the Critics
3. The Day Bibliography: Findings and Analysis
4. Clarence Shepard Day, Jr.: A Bibliography
Manuscript Collections
· Primary Works: Books; Prose in Anthologies; Prose in Periodicals; Verse in Periodicals; Drawings in Anthologies and Periodicals; Other Works – Contributions; Compilations; Letters to the Editor; Under Pseudonym “B. H. Arkwright”
· Secondary Works: Books Periodicals
Life With Father and Life With Mother Stage Adaptations by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse (Manuscript Collections; Primary Works; Secondary Works)
Film Life with Father: Film; Reviews
Television Series Life With Father
Translations (print, film, stage adaptation)
Appendix A: Chronological Bibliographies of Primary Works, Prose, Verse, and Drawings in Harper’s Monthly Magazine and Harper’s Weekly
Appendix B: Chronological Bibliographies of Primary Works, Prose, Verse, Drawings and Prose under pseudonym “B. H. Arkwright” in Metropolitan Magazine
Appendix C: Chronological Bibliographies of Primary Works, Prose, Verse, and Drawings in New Republic
Appendix D: Chronological Bibliographies of Primary Works, Prose, Verse, and Drawings in New York American
Appendix E: Chronological Bibliographies of Primary Works, Prose, Verse, and Drawings in New Yorker
Appendices F-H: Chronological Bibliographies of Primary Works, Prose, Verse, and Drawings in other Periodicals and Anthologies
Notes; Bibliography; Index

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